Cheapest 3D Projector For Education

Many teachers and other educators have used projectors for years, so the recent technology developments with projectors has them thrilled at the new possibilities for their classrooms. Since most of these projectors have to be purchased within budget restrictions, it’s often important to get the cheapest 3D projector for education purposes.

You can also get 1080p projectors, but a decent quality 1080p projector will cost more. A 1080p projector is a high definition, or HD, projector that is capable of producing some amazing picture quality. Think of the best picture quality that you can buy in a plasma TV right now – that is what a 1080p projector can do, except it produce a display up to 25 diagonal feet.

A lot of education professionals are also interested in 3D projectors for teaching lessons that will captivate the attention of every single student in the classroom. 3D and HD projectors are an excellent way to get the attention of kids in today’s technological era. Nearly any subject can be turned into something that will fascinate the kids and make them want to learn more. Best of all, these new projectors will even working on a wide variety of age groups all the way from elementary school up into the highest levels of college and grad school.

We have selected our recommended cheapest 1080p projector for education and also the cheapest 3D projector. These cheap, affordable projectors are sure to fit any class budget and have been picked not only for their great price tag but also for their quality and features.

Cheapest 3D Projector

The Viewsonic PJD5122 DLP 3D Ready projector is likely the cheapest available, quality 3D projector for sale. To use the 3D features, you are going to need an HDMI cable, ViewSonic 3D active shutter glasses and also a compatible 3D source and content. The 3D source for this particular 3D projector will have to be a computer that has a video graphics card capable of 120hz output. If you need to be able to play 3D content from a 3D Blu-Ray player, you will have to buy a more expensive 3D projector. This is a great 3D projector for it’s amazing low price of about $370. While it does a great job at producing 3D images, fast moving 3D video may suffer from the “rainbow effect” where you can see some blurred motion. It will generally work quite well for more educational applications, but it would not be a good recommendation for 3D gaming.

ViewSonic PJD5122

Viewsonic PJD5122
3D Ready?:3D DLP Link Ready (120Hz)
Resolution:SVGA 800 x 600 (Native) / SXGA 1280 x 1024
Brightness:2700 Lumens
Throw Ratio:1.86 : 1 - 2.04 : 1
Aspect Ratio:4:3 (Native), 16:9
Contrast Ratio:2000:1, 3000:1 (DCR)
Projector Usage:Ideal For Mobile Presenting (5.1 pounds)

Cheapest 1080p Projector

If you want a really good 1080p HD projector for the cheapest possible price, you will need to go with the Optoma HD20. While it is more expensive than the cheapest 3D projector mentioned above, this projector will give you some amazing HD quality pictures and video although it will not do 3D. A 1080p HD projector is an excellent educational tool for watching HD movies, especially educational films like IMAX documentaries. Students will be absolutely captivated by the picture that an HD 1080p projector can produce, making it a prime way to teach things to students that they would ordinarily tune out. The best teachers realize that not everyone will be interested in all subjects or topics, but the ones we are interested in are generally the ones we are best at learning. HD projectors give you a way to turn any subject into an interesting subject that students will actually be eager to learn!

Optoma HD20

Optoma HD20
3D Ready?:No
Resolution:1920 x 1080 (1080p)
Brightness:1,700 Lumens
Contrast Ratio:4,000 : 1
Projector Usage:True HD Home Theater Projector For Movies & Gaming