What is a 3D Projector?

A 3D projector is very similar to a normal video projector, except that it uses a new technology to produce a second image. These two images are shown very rapidly, one at a time. The original image is made to be seen by the left eye and the second will be seen by the right. You will need to use 3D shutter glasses so your brain can combine these two images into a three dimensional picture. The results are absolutely stunning and makes for a great experience for a wide variety of projector applications.

Home Cinema 3D Projectors

Movie theaters across the country have been showing some movies in 3D for the last couple of years. These movies are shown to you using DLP cinema projectors and now you can bring this experience to your home with 3D projectors in 1080p quality. If you want to bring the movie theater experience to your home cinema, there are some factors that you will want to consider to be sure that you will end up with the picture quality that you expect to get with your money. There are a lot of cheap 3D projectors on the market that will produce a good effect, but these cheap projectors will end up delivering a dim picture to your eye especially after you have put on your shutter glasses. A true 1080p 3D projector has just hit the market this year but it will set you back a cool $10,000 or more. Even at that, it isn’t quite the true quality that you would expect although it does beat out traditional 720p 3D projectors. Unfortunately, you will need to wait a few more years to be able to bring a true cinema 3D experience to your home for an affordable price, but today’s affordable projectors will still amaze you.

Using a 3D Projector

The intended usage of your projector for should have a significant impact on which projector you actually buy because not all 3D ready projectors are created equal. A large majority of people will likely want to connect a Blu-Ray player to their projector so they can watch 3D movies in their home. It is important to understand that not all 3D projectors will be capable of playing 3D video from a Blu-Ray player. Some of them will require 3D content from a computer using a graphics card that is capable of 120Hz XGA output. For any 3D projector, you will need shutter glasses. These are the better than the glasses that you use when you go to a 3D movie at the theater, but you need to make sure you are getting the proper set of glasses for your projector. Many projector brands will only work with the corresponding brand of 3D glasses.

3D Projector 1080p Quality

There are also a lot of picture quality factors that you will want to think about when you are shopping for a 3D projector. 1080p projectors offer a certain video quality, but you should pay attention to other factors as well. Higher output resolutions, lumens and the number of processor chips can have a lot of influence on your picture quality. Some projectors will make very nice still images but suffer from color breakup when playing videos. Color breakup usually happens with DLP video playback on single-chip projectors, although it can sometimes be noticed with data images on these projectors as well. Depending on your budget and intended use, make sure you get something that will give you the quality that you are expecting. If you want a high definition 3D video experience that will blow your socks off, you will need to be prepared to buy a high quality 3D projector or else you may end up disappointed. There are pricey projectors that will do a great job with 3D movies, but a real 1080p 3D projector will cost you $10,000 or more. Non-3D 1080p projectors will be able to deliver true high definition theater quality in your own home for a reasonable price.

Most Popular & Affordable 3D Projector

ViewSonic PJD6531w

Viewsonic PJD6531w
3D Ready?:3D DLP Link Ready (120Hz)
Resolution:WXGA 1280x800 (Native)
Brightness:3,200 Lumens
Throw Ratio:1.5 : 1 - 1.8 : 1
Aspect Ratio:16:10 (Native), 4:3
Contrast Ratio:2,000 : 1
Projector Usage:Wide format, high brightness projector ideal for classrooms, home theater and presentations

This is an excellent 3D projector for people that are looking for an affordable home theater projector. The ViewSonic PJD6531w is one of the top selling 3D projectors because it is a decent quality projector with both VGA and HDMI input (computer and Blu-Ray) and it sells for a very affordable price. You will need to buy HDMI cables if you do not already have some because they do not come included with this projector. If you already have the 3D content, then you will just need this projector, the proper connection cables and 3D shutter glasses. If you’re not familiar with the various equipment that you need to use these capabilities, make sure to take a look at How to Get 3D Ready.